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ACM General Body Meeting Announcement

· One min read
Sam Effendy

Hi ACM members,

It is my pleasure to announce our ACM General Body Meeting, which will be held on Friday, Sep 10th at 5PM. You'll get to learn about all the exciting events we planned for this semester, as well as meet SIG leaders and learn what they are about.

The meeting will be in hybrid format, held in the CS Lounge (Science and Engineering Labs East, 2nd floor) and Discord simultaneously.

This Wednesday is the engineering org fair in the Maker Space parking lot from 12-4PM. Please make time to come by and say hi. Some orgs will also be doing demonstrations, so it will be a fun experience.

As we are coming up with times for our events and SIG meeting times, we would like your input to better understand what everyone's availability is! When you find some time please fill out this form! (